Glass Museum Frauenau

Glass and its people,

– these are the themes that the Glass Museum Frauenau centers around.

On your circular round walk through a forever curving museum, and through fascinating exhibition stage sets constructed in glass, you will discover how Europe is mirrored in the sparkling glasses of the Bavarian and Bohemian glass makers. A multi-media presentation informs how people lived and live from and with glass. A comprehensive exhibition of artistic glass will amaze you with the rich array of ideas created by the International Studio Glass Movement.

The Glass Museum shows how, through the material glass, the crafts, art and industrial production unite, and how the Bavarian-Bohemian region, Europe and the world come together.

Glass creates culture, and it connects people.

No matter your level of interest and how much time you bring, the permanent exhibition of the Glass Museum invites visitors of all generations for their very individual journey of discovery: for a playful stroll, or for an in depth study of images and stories in and about glass.

In the light and generous gallery of the Glass Museum changing exhibitions show historical and contemporary glass.

The permanent exhibition will also enthuse children with its quirky images, stories and sceneries.

The permanent exhibition is accessible in three languages – German, English and Czech. All of the lead text boards within the exhibition are in these three languages. At the entry desk you can obtain a leaflet with the secondary exhibition texts in either English or Czech.

The foyer and exhibition on the ground floor and upper floors are accessible for wheel chairs. Unfortunately, wheelchair access to the inner area of the permanent exhibition, “Living and working with glass”, is not yet possible.

The Glass Museum Frauenau is an education and research institution with a specialized glass library and a research archive of European significance. The Glass Museum is also an excellent venue for conferences and events.

The Glass Museum is a focus of regional, border-crossing and international networks for the creation, the crafts and arts, in the medium glass.