Glass Museum Frauenau

Children's Museum Tour

The Glass Museum Frauenau is also very child friendly. There are thousands of exciting and funny stories to discover - on your own, just as you feel like, or in the company of the Turandl.


The Turandl is a friendly, portly Glass factory spirit with tangled hair. In a quiz booklet, which is available at the museum (but as yet only in German) he guides children by their noses on a journey of exploration through the glass museum.

In many funny drawings he explains exciting things about glass. Such as where the secret of glassmaking comes from, and how the people in the Roman Empire came to make glass bubbles with the blowpipe, and how, in the virgin forests in the Bohemian Forest-Šumava region, glass was made ​​in the Middle Ages, and how glass was installed into churches with colourful stained glass windows. Also what the skilled Venetian glassmakers could make, and how these glasses became the great fashion of their day. He also tells how the royal palaces were lavishly decorated with glass in the Baroque period, and how the glass dealers experienced great adventures on their travels. And how glass making in England was very hectic and that children had been working in the factory instead of going to school. And lastly how glasses are now made ​​from the "Iron Man" ... and much more!

In each part of this exhibition kids can solve a variety of tasks. The answers are hidden in the walls of the museum and can be written and drawn in the quiz booklet.

For children over eight years, or with parental support when younger.

 Illustration: Christian Schmidt

Quiz tasks: Anita Jung, Tanja Münichsdorfer, Katharina Eisch-Angus

Concept and text: Katharina Eisch-Angus