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This website is a private initiative from the project group for the new Glass Museum Frauenau.

For all those who want to get to know the Glass Museum, to visit or to use it, we want to provide this overview and background information to accompany you on your glass journey. How did the Glass Museum Frauenau come about and what are its objectives? What can we expect to discover in the permanent exhibition, and upon which concepts and didactics is it founded? Who made this museum? What can the museum offer e. g. to children, locals, artists or scientists, and to all interested visitors?

For the new Bavarian State Museum, this website aims to offer some outlooks onto the intentions and potentials of this museum, a project intended to promote the culture of glass in the Bavarian-Czech region and worldwide.

We dedicate this website to the memory of Alfons Hannes and to all the people who carry on with the creativity, with the humanity and with the border-crossing potentials of glass.


This website was inspired, informed and realised by Henry Jesionka, Mark Angus, Katharina Eisch-Angus and other friends of the Glass Museum, from Graz, Frauenau and Munich.
The layout is derived from the design concept "Faces" for the foyer of the Glass Museum Frauenau, made by G. Jo.
Hruschka and Mark Angus.

Photos and Images:
Matthias Altmann, Hanns-Jörg Anders, Mark Angus, Prof. Dr. Katharina Eisch-Angus, Ruth Dorothea Eggel, Dr. Jörg Haller, Eve Koller, Reinhard Mader, Franz Scheuerecker, Christian Schmidt; archives of Erwin und Gretel Eisch, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haller, Sebastian Haslinger.

Katharina Eisch-Angus

Texts from the museum exhibition:
Excerpts from ”The Journey with Glass“, and ”Living and Working with Glass“ by Katharina Eisch-Angus and Jörg Haller; interview quotes of contemporary witnesses from the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest glass factories and glass making of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

English texts:
Katharina Eisch-Angus and Mark Angus; exhibition translations by Helen Ribka.

Prof. Dr. Katharina Eisch-Angus
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