Glass Museum Frauenau

Potentials of Museum Education

The permanent exhibition of the Glass Museum Frauenau tells many stories. With short texts, fascinating exhibits, images and stage sets, with audio stations, visual animations and interactive offers it invites for your personal journey of discovery on whatever themes and narratives you might be interested in. It may be enjoyed in a short round walk, or open itself to ask for more: The didactic concept is the secret, and why many visitors of all interest groups return again to the Glass Museum.

In the Glass museum you can discover glass and its culture. At the same time, the Museum wants to draw your attention to the glass makers and glass companies, and to create a consciousness of the knowledge and skill that is necessary to create glass.

Already in its test phase in 2005/06, the permanent exhibition was proved as a base for museum education for many different interest groups: for children and schools, for people with disabilities, and for professionals who come with their specialised questions on glass art, social and technique history, and much more.

Locals of all generations are invited to explore and follow their roots in glass: The Glass Museum creates identity.

Specialised guided tours - in English or German -, other museum activities and storytelling can be linked to a multitude of themes developed from the history and culture of glass and glass making in all three departments of the permanent exhibitions. Also practical experience with glass (see the international course offer of Bild-Werk Frauenau, can well be informed by the glass museum.

Throughout the Museum the permanent exhibition points towards the innovativeness and creativity of the glass cultures of all times, and towards the present and future of glass making.