Glass Museum Frauenau

The Archives in the Glass Museum Frauenau

The Glass Museum Frauenau, with its archive collections, is a research platform for the international and regional history of glass.


Its most outstanding collection is the Alfons Hannes archive, containing photographs and documents on the glass regions, artists and glass companies of the world, as well as about the glass factories and glass makers, and the glass unions of Eastern Bavaria. In his life-long activities as a researcher and traveller Alfons Hannes collected and sorted all types of material. The archive can be used in the glass museum. A catalogue exists.


Not yet for public use is the archive of the Project Bureau of the Glass Museum Frauenau, containing the material, documents and prototypes for the rebuilding of the glass museum 1999 - 2005, as well as a sound archive of the glass people of the Bavarian border region.

The Project Bureau achive also contains the results of an EU-funded project "International Research Group on the Historical Glass Culture of the Bohemian Forest Region", a cooperation between the Museum Šumavy in Sušice, CZ (glass historian Dr. Jitka Lněničková) and the Glass Museum Frauenau, with documents on the history of settlement, trade and migration of the glass makers of the Bohemian Forest and Bohemia of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity.


The Museums aims to incorporate further archive collections also in the future. It was an essential objective of the new museum to establish a central archive for glass, both internationally and of the Bavarian-Czech border region, for future research.