Glass Museum Frauenau

Design and marketing

It is true that, the market basically expects or requires a perfect quality. And, moreover, it is basically about dreams, or emotions or simply their own philosophy to sell.

Company director, born in 1965

At the trade technical college Bruno Mauder was the professor for industrial design. He was the designer.
Once we had done the basic stuff, the cuts, we then designed shapes and patterns for cutting, engraving and painting. We were only five people, and the professor worked us hard all day. He was a good designer, Mauder, he had an eye. Has could drawn a glass that had just exactly the right content, a quarter liter or half liter or one liter, whatever he had in hand.
Yes, and '39, when the war started, and then the Gistl has requested me to work there. That is what Mauder told me, to go to Gistl.

Designer, born 1921

1948, at 14, I came fresh. In 1946 it started again, and in '50, '51 there was a boom. There were still the Kralik brothers as workshop leaders, they came from Bohemia, from the glassworks in Eleonorenhain, and we then had all the orders for Australia and America. Then the business flourished!
We have had 412 people working then, and now he's thirty. 200, 250 glassblowers there were then, with the carrier and all, - everything else was in the finishing.

Glassblower, born 1934

New developments arise in a network. There are different people and different influences that play together there and bring product ideas. Of course we have designers here in the works, but also the people who are in sales bring their ideas and thoughts in, also the outside sales representatives belong to the artistic field for advice and ideas. In this way there was a relatively wide potential of creativity.

Company director, born in 1965

In Germany today you can see more and more cheap junk falls into the area, and yet still we could maintain certain other markets abroad-line style. My impression in Germany has increasingly become that the main thing is cheap, some fast gag. But of the quality and durability I have seen very little.
And I came to this conclusion that in Germany there are about 50 shops can adequately carry the Theresienthal range. After that there is simply not much left, because all these classic glass and porcelain shops have gone, they are always less and less.

Company director, born in 1959