Glass Museum Frauenau

Narcissus, an Interior

A highlight of the museum display is the installation “Narcissus, an Interior” from 1971, a major work by Erwin Eisch which forms an artistic critique on a society, which is stuck – on “point zero of modernity” (Peter Kobbe) – in individualistic-narcissist self-reflection.

In 2005 this major artwork returned from the City Museum of Regensburg to Frauenau as its place of origin.

For a full description of this work and its significance in Erwin Eisch's work see the essay by Peter Kobbe and Katharina Eisch-Angus titled "Narcissus, an Interior. How to Paint Yourself from the Inside Outwards" (In: Katharina Eisch-Angus, Ines Kohl, Karin Schrott (eds.) (2012):“Erwin Eisch. Clouds Have Been My Foothold All Along. Glass and Paintings”. Munich: Hirmer publishers, p. 71-128.