Glass Museum Frauenau

Leisure and culture

The members of the singing club came mostly from the glass works. But a couple of other good singers were there as well: craftsmen, businessmen. A teacher was, for a very long time, our conductor.
In Frauenau almost every glassblower was a singer! The singing started at the glass furnace and went into the singing club.
Even the football players were mostly glassblowers. The athletes were almost all glass workers, then they dominated the clubs. The glassblowers and the club life. There you really thought that you belonged.

Warehouse worker, born 1921

We built ourselves a clubhouse. And there we met, drank a beer, and played cards. We were a group of glassblowers. Others were at the fire department place, or the singing club, these were the other clubs. Community life and the works life belonged together.
When it was gone, in 1986, when things came to an end, the football club almost finished, and the singing club, together everything is gone.
Community life is completely gone in the Regenhütte works - has been since the bankruptcy.

Foreman, born 1946

That was beautiful, the Gistl hall. And the first cinema, the films were shown there. So many actors have come here, like Franzl Lang, who have been there. Plays were performed. There's always been something going on.
Once they formed a boxing club, and they made a boxing match.
Once they have bet on whether the Schönberger dares to do a striptease. He was at the top of the stage, and oh so elegant! The shouting came from the whole room!
Pop singers and actors have been many times since. It was nice if a dance was a ball. And weddings, then it was always full. That was fun! The balls, weddings, theater groups, clubs and young girls, always something. One cannot imagine, there were 500, 400 people there then.

Working couple, born in 1922, 1923

Those of us from the painting workshops were not taken quite seriously by the glassblowers. They would laugh at us. Then there were so many clubs with their rules: Everyone belonged to many clubs. Then ice curling was a great hobby. There were even European champions and German champions amongst them.
We had no idea of ice curling and we had fun as part of the works championship. As underdogs, we then went on to win. It was an indescribable feeling. Every game we won, only against the women we strangely lost. We, the glass painters, were works champions!
Then there was the ceremony in the canteen and some looked really very grumpy. Then we went for days proudly through the works.

Glass painters, born in 1957, 1966