Glass Museum Frauenau

On Scene. The Permanent Exhibition as a Work of Art

Within the permanent exhibitions symbolic stage sets, as well as many visual details of the museum „Journey with Glass“ – such as the medieval trees and cathedral columns, Renaissance arcades or the decorated mazes of Baroque gardens – are completely or partially built in glass.

The architectural dimensions and fascinating qualities of glass have been employed to facilitate and scenically and spatially visualise the aesthetics and ways of expression, the themes and the zeitgeist, of European stylistic eras. The scenic exhibition architecture, combining experience and discovery, contextualises the glass and other objects, contemporary graphics and quotes, interactive displays, film and audio sequences as well as short exhibition texts.

However, this holistic installation does not strive towards a theatrical imitation of the past, but aims for an artistic didactic interpretation, which allows the viewer to perceive and understand the journey of glass through cultural history with new eyes.