Glass Museum Frauenau

Art in Architecture – the Epoch Artworks

Glass can work as an architectural medium. Through the process of an architectural competition the artists Ursula Huth (D), Gerhard Ribka (D), Amber Hiscott (GB), Bernhard Schagemann (D), Mark Angus (GB/D) and Ronald Fischer (D) were commissioned to design four large frontal windows in the epoch spaces of the permanent exhibition, as well as a mosaic floor and an outdoor wall. These art works reflect each cultural epoch in artistic terms from a present-day perspective. Here the division of exhibition objects and displays, building and architecture is superseded, giving way to free association and for the interpretation of new meanings and signification.



Ursula Huth: "The Mediterranean Journey of Antiquity“, 2004.

Glass Mosaic.

Executed in co-operation with the Bayerische Hofglasmalerei Gustav Van Treeck, Munich.


Gerhard Ribka: "Like a Bride Adorned: The Heavenly Jerusalem", 2003.

Float glass, enamel painting, leaded.

Executed in co-operation with Mayer of Munich.


Amber Hiscott: "Myth of Venice – The Light of the Renaissance", 2003.

Float glass, enamel painting, silver stain, sandblasting.

Executed in co-operation with Kunstglaserei Peters, Paderborn


Bernhard Schagemann: "The Courtly Stage of Feudalism", 2003.

Glass, sand casting.

Executed in co-operation with the Zwiesel Glass College. 


Mark Angus: "Work Money Bread Strength. The Great Exhibition of all Nations", 2003.

Stained glass, partly mouth-blown, painted, leaded.

Executed by Mark Angus, Frauenau.


Ronald Fischer: "The History of Frauenau in Glass", 2003.

Glass, lost wax cast, inlays in rear concrete wall.

Executed by Ronald Fischer, Frauenau.