Glass Museum Frauenau

Research and Learning

The Glass Museum Frauenau offers itself, in many wide-spread ways, as a place of learning, researching and discussion. ‘Through the looking glass’ the museum tells about culture, art and work life both regionally and internationally; through history it reflects on future potentials of glass.

From 1999 the Glass Museum was conceptualised as a centre of documentation, research and encounter for the Bavarian/Czech and international culture in glass. This work was funded by the European Union, the State of Bavaria and many other funds.

The museum is in the focus of international and border-crossing networks of art and research, of glass producers as well as of glass and art education.

The Glass Museum appeals to a wide audience: to the local population on both sides of the Bavarian and the Bohemian Forests, to tourists and families, scientists and researchers, as well as to glass makers and artists.

Looked at from a present time perspective, the Glass Museum opens the cultural and economical potentials of past glass making for the future. The present day crisis of glass making emphasises the inspirational possibilities and the responsibility of the Glass Museum Frauenau.

The didactic concepts and multi-lingual basis of the permanent exhibition allows connecting teaching and other museum activities for a wide range of audiences. The museum, and its surroundings, offer workshops and working possibilities for the practical experience of glass.

The Glass Museum offers a specialised glass library of international significance.

The glass historical archives, especially the Alfons Hannes Archive, offer rich sources for research and science.

The collections of historical glass and of art objects of the International Studio Glass Movement cover handmade glass production of the world through all times.

The Glass Museums offers itself also for conferences and events.

There are many publications available about the Glass museum. In addition, the Glass Museum publishes its own book series on many themes related to its collections and activities. Some books, articles and films are published in English or bilingual in English/German or Czech/German.