Glass Museum Frauenau

The Foyer

A group of artists that was closely involved in the museum building has given the Glass Museum foyer its expressive strength and its faces.


The theme of “faces” defines the artistic design of the museum foyer. At this point, where all functional areas of the museum cross, visitors are immersed in glass. In three colours of green – the natural colour of glass – glass artists have created an extraordinary meeting space, following an interior design by Mark Angus and G. Jo. Hruschka: Friendly, thoughtfully, communicative, as well as almost hidden faces address the incoming visitors and talk about glass and its people, about the region and the world, the present, past and future.

The foyer has today become not only the entry space to the museum, and a point of information, but has, for locals as well as event organisers, developed into a equipped space for socialising and celebrating.